How You Can Use A Proven, Step-By-Step Process to Help Business Owners Increase Their Profits... And That They'll Pay You Top Dollar For!

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  • Creating a very successful, very lucrative consulting practice isn't difficult and it doesn't take a lot of time... especially when you follow the exact step-by-step process that top consultants are using to generate mid to high 6-figure annual incomes, no matter what shape the economy is in.

  • Most coaches and consultants woefully undercharge for their services... and they leave tons of money on the table. That doesn't benefit them, and if their clients are paying too little, it actually hurts the clients. Now you can finally get paid what you're worth... without having to worry about price being an issue. In fact, your prospects will be happy to pay your your asking price, and will gladly put their names on a waiting list for when a spot to work with you opens up.

  • No more knocking on doors or resorting to expensive mailings... that's for amateurs. You're going to learn a little-known secret for getting others to willfully and happily do your marketing for you... at their expense!

  • When you learn how to use one of the most effective tools ever created, your prospects will find it virtually impossible to pass on your offer. Done right, you'll close 3 or 4 out of every 5 presentations you make.

  • Hate dealing with prospects who can't (or won't) make a decision? Once you learn this simple solution of how to pre-qualify your prospects, you'll eliminate the lookie-loos, tire-kickers, and time-sappers, and only deal with those who are able, who are willing, and who are ready to hand you a check.

  • Profits are the name of the game... both for you and for your clients. You're going to learn how to determine the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective ways to generate immediate profit increases for your clients, and at the same time put substantial amounts of money directly into your pocket.

  • Charging for your services by the hour or by the project is for losers. Results are the ONLY thing that counts... and people will pay substantial amounts of money when they can see that the results you create for them are multiples of what you charge. Learn the simple formula of how to master this process, and getting your asking price will never again be a problem.

Presenter: Martin Howey

For the past 50+ years, Martin Howey has spent his time helping businesses increase their profits and gain a unique competitive advantage in their marketplace.

The author of 29 books on sales, management, marketing, and personal development, Martin now focuses his efforts on helping coaches, consultants, business owners, and entrepreneurs master a simple system to exponentially increase their personal incomes and give them more free time.

Join Martin in this training as he reveals the exact step-by-step process he has developed and fine-tuned over the past 5 decades.

A Proven, Easy-To-Follow "Blueprint" For Success

Success doesn't have to be elusive, and achieving it doesn't have to be difficult. All it takes is the discipline to follow a proven, step-by-step process that has worked for others just like you.

No more re-creation or reinvention... do exactly what others have done (and are doing), and you can't help but have the same success.