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February 20, 21, and 22
Question: "How Satisfied Are You With Your Current Income, Your Lifestyle, and Your Financial Future?"
One of my favorite things to do is ask people... "When was the last time you got away from all the day-to-day distractions and had a serious heart-to-heart talk with yourself about what you do for a living and the kind of lifestyle that your work, your job, or your occupation is providing for you and the kind of future you can expect from what you are doing?"

Not surprisingly, very few have ever done that. In fact, most people will spend more time planning what they're going to do and where they're going to go on their vacation, or what they're going to do this weekend, than they do on how to provide for their family, their kids' educations, or planning and funding their eventual retirement.

But what if you did have that heart-to-heart talk and you asked yourself these five questions...
  • Am I truly happy and fulfilled in the work, my job, or the career that I'm presently engaged in?
  • Am I earning what I am truly worth and working the hours that I want to work, rather than the hours someone else tells me that I have to work?
  • ​Am I, and is my family living the lifestyle that we've always dreamed of and that we feel we're entitled to because of the education, expertise and knowledge that I've acquired, the skills that I've developed, and the price we've paid?
  • Have I found the opportunity that will take care of myself and my family for the rest of our lives, including my retirement years?
  • Have I accepted the fact that things "are what they are" and that I'm "okay" with my present situation and that things will somehow work out over the long haul?
How would you have responded to those questions? Would you have answered "No"to any of the first four questions and "Yes" to the fifth? If so, you're certainly not alone.

If, like most people, you work an 8-hour day, that's a third of your life spent at work, and that's not counting the time it takes you to get ready, your commute time, time spent at lunch while at work, and the winding-down time you need when you get home. If you didn't answer "YES!" to every one of those questions, then you seriously need to take a good, long, hard look at what you're doing, because life is slipping away and you and your family both deserve a lot more out of the time you spend away from them earning a living.
How would your life change if you had a systematic, proven process that without fail,
put high five, or even six-figures in your bank account month after month?
What would you do different? Would you change anything? Move to a different neighborhood? Upgrade your lifestyle? Send your kids to different schools? Take a much-needed vacation? Spend more time with your family, your church, or your favorite charities? Would you sock money away to fund your eventual retirement?

There is a way for you to achieve anything in life that you want... and it can be done much easier and much faster than you might have thought... and it can be done without investing your life savings. Think for a minute... what if you had a way that you could...
  • ​ Help business owners make their businesses more fun, more successful and more profitable, and take home more money for themselves and have more free time away from their businesses to enjoy life for a change.
  •  Live like on your own terms, never having to worry about money, and have the ability to whatever you want, whenever you want, and with whomever you want? 
  •  Have the ability to retire in 5 to 8 short years (if you want to), never having to work again, or have financial concerns.
Now you can join the ranks of more than 4,263 consultants in 58 countries around the world who are using the exact same system to run and profit from their own in-demand, highly-profitable business consulting practices!
Unlike your typical "Dog and Pony Show" seminar where a number of speakers take the stage one after another, get the audience hyped up and spend most of their time pitching their high-priced products for sale at the back of the room, this event is unlike anything you've ever attended.

Your presenter... your ONLY presenter is Martin Howey. That's me... the person whose words you are reading right now... a veteran of more than 52 years in business working with some of the world's largest and most successful companies, corporations, and associations, as well as thousands of small and mid-size businesses. 

My expertise is helping my clients find ways to operate their businesses more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably. In the process, my systems, my strategies, and my efforts have generated more than $10.7 Billion in increased sales and revenues for my clients.
In addition, I have personally trained several thousand "every day" people to use the systems that I have created, fine-tuned, and perfected through a painstaking process of "Trial and Error and Trial and Success." Many of these people have gone on to generate personal incomes in the high six and seven figures, and have the ability to live lifestyles that they would never have been able to afford otherwise.
My team and I value your time and we take it and your decision making process very seriously and we make every effort to demonstrate that to you in every way possible. It is my personal goal and mission to help everyone who attends any of our trainings to...
  • Become as successful as possible as quickly as possible
  •  Make your training experience the very best that it could possibly be
  • Recover your entire training investment within your first 30 to 45 days following training
  • Hit the 6-figure earnings mark in your first 90 to 120 days following training
  • Break the Quarter-Million-Dollar ($250k) mark by the end of your first year
Your time is valuable... and so is mine. Each of have a very limited amount of time on this planet, and with each passing day it becomes less and less, and you can't afford to waste one day or even one hour of it. Whatever and to whomever you surrender your time to has a very special and sacred obligation to honor and respect that time and to provide the very best and most value possible in exchange for it.
Unfortunately, far too many people selling products, seminars, or information, either don't understand that fact or they don't care; they charge you far too much money, give you an inferior product, don't stand behind their hyped up claims, and are difficult to connect, or even to find when you have a problem or need help. Having experienced those things myself and have gotten ripped off more times than I care to remember, I vowed that I would operate my businesses differently... entirely differently. And to a large extent that's what's allowed me to remain in business for more than 52 years... and why we have so many satisfied and successful consultants who have ended up being some of my best friends and still keep in touch with us years after they've attended our training.
If you're like most people we talk to, what you're really looking for is something that works. Something that removes the guesswork, that has an easy-to-follow, systematic process that produces results, and that doesn't cost you your life savings. You're looking for a proven investment that can quickly generate a positive return on the amount of time, energy, and effort you invest... you want a positive "ROI."

That's what business owners (your potential clients) are looking for too... and that's exactly what you're going to learn how to deliver. And believe me, when you give a business owner ideas that can return multiples of what they invest with you, it not only brings a smile to their face, they'll happily pay your asking price, they'll want more of what you have to offer, and they'll tell others about you.

Fortunately, it's easier than you may think. Here is the entire process in a nutshell...
  • Find a business that has problem that they either can't solve or fix themselves, or one that they don't want to solve or fix themselves (they want someone else to do it).
  •   Show them that you have the knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise that can fix, solve, minimize, or eliminate their problems.
  •   Demonstrate how the "cost of inaction" (staying where they are) is far greater than the investment in using your services. 
  •   Determine what is the best and fastest course of action to take what will produce the desired results. 
  •   Implement your solutions and assign accountability to monitor and measure them to ensure that they are working.
That's it. That's all there is to it. It really is that simple.

Fortunately, there is a system that walks you step-by-step through the entire process that's been tried, tested, and proven by well over 4,000 "every day" people... people with no business experience, no sales training, and no special skills... in more than 5-dozen countries. 

The same kinds of success that they've had can also be yours. The good news is that you can have someone with more than 52 years of business experience... having trained thousands of others from around the world... helping you, guiding you, encouraging you, pushing you, and getting after you to achieve the three goals outlined above. 

Quick question... With that kind of tutorship, the successes that have been achieved, and the three admittedly heavy (but very realistic) goals for you, why in the world would you want to continue working on a job that you hate, commuting back and forth to work in bumper to bumper traffic, putting up with office politics, and doing what some else tells you to do, and accepting what they want to pay you? 

The good news is... you don't have to put up with that any longer. If you want to learn more and see if this is the right opportunity for you, then click the link and schedule a convenient time for a one-on-one, private Discovery Call. I'll personally get on the call with you, answer all your questions, and see that you get the information you need to make the decision that's right for you.
"In 3 days, I learned more than I had in nearly 17 years as a
Management Consultant!"
- Ed Orlandi
"Martin has a keen ability to zero in on exactly what needs to be done to make businesses more profitable!"
- DJ Ehlert  
Practical, Useable, Readily-Implementable Strategies That Work For Any Kind Of Business, In Any Economy
Success... RAPID Success... Right-Out-Of-The-Gate Success. That's what you want, and what we want to help you achieve.  There's no need to "take time to digest," "get your ducks in a row," or all the other reasons (excuses) that people have for not generating income as quickly as possible. You want to hit the ground running so you can have money coming in for both you and your client right away. So, BEFORE you ever come to training, we'll help you...
  • Build a list of prospective clients that you can contact on a favorable, non-threatening, non-salesy basis with a message of value and interest and that compels them to want to know more about how you can benefit them
  • Understand the consulting process so you can talk intelligently to your prospects and demonstrate how you can quickly, easily, cost-effectively grow their profits!
  •  Get a client BEFORE you attend training so you can use that business as a case study during your training. Then when you get back home you'll have a well-mapped out plan complete  with strategies ready to implement so new money is generated for your client... and for you... from Day One!
Obviously, you're not going to physically bring a client to training with you. But before you attend training you'll get a special Client Information Kit that tells you exactly what information you need to get from a business owner so you can develop a workable plan for them. The better prepared you are BEFORE you attend training, the more of an advantage you will have of achieving "Out-of-the-Box" success.
Too many business owners (consultants included) run their businesses by the seat of their pants with hardly any forethought or planning. Before you get too involved in your business it's important to have a good idea of what you want it to look like in a number of different areas... including when you get ready to sell it.
  • How much money do you want to make?
  • ​How many days of vacation or time off do you want?
  • How many clients do you want to serve?
  • ​What kinds of products or services will you offer your clients (Example: Private Consulting, Seminars, Workshops,  Special Events, VIP Days, Lunch 'n Learns, etc.)
  • ​How will you know when your business is ready to sell, how will you dispose of it, and how much will you be able to get for it?
Business becomes a WHOLE LOT easier when you have pre-determined goals and objectives to shoot for and benchmarks along the way to let you know where you are at any given time. This step is one of the most important, yet most overlooked steps in creating, running or consulting with a business. That's why we spend considerable time helping you get it right before anything else.
Just as a carpenter would never go to a construction site without his toolbox full of the right tools for the job, and a military general would never send his troops into battle without the right tools, you shouldn't even think about trying to work with a client until you've identified what "tools" you have to work with, and making sure they are honed to perfection. 

It's a good idea to consider the following...
  • The knowledge, skills and expertise you have to solve your clients problems
  • Your mindset... how you see, visualize, and interpret various scenarios and situations
  • Your confidence... how you feel about and present yourself to your clients so they develop trust, believability, and the assurance that you're the right person for the job
  • Your credibility... you say you are good, but how do you prove that to your prospects and clients... especially if you're new and don't have any real-world experience yet?
  • Your Unique Differentiating Factor... what makes you different, more special or more unique than any other option your prospects and clients have to choose from?
These are all important points, and without thinking them through and having them under control, you are severely limiting your success. In your training you're going to get everything you need and you'll learn how to maximize each of them to your advantage.
Knowing exactly who your "ideal" clients are, who you want to work with, what kinds of problems they're having and what their needs are.... where they're losing money, and where they're not capitalizing on opportunities that are costing them unnecessary profits can save you years of frustration and make your job much easier. Some areas of consideration are...
  • What kinds of businesses do you want as clients?
  • ​Size of business? Number of employees? Number of locations? Revenue amount? Type of clients they serve? Products or services they sell? Market reputation?
  • ​What do I already know (or what can I quickly learn) about the businesses I want to  target so I can confidently position myself as their "Go-To" Expert?
  • ​How can I effortlessly and cost-effectively get my message about how I can help them in front of them?
  • ​How can I leverage my relationships with those businesses to attract others like them?
One of the most common reasons consultants fail is because they aren't focused on who they can effectively work with. Who is it that wants needs, can benefit from, and would pay any amount and do anything to get what you have to offer? Once you identify that market, you're on your way!
For a business to be successful, it's got to have clients... and that's what this module is all about... cost-effectively generating a list of prospective clients that not only want, but that can realistically use and benefit from your services. Once you have that list, yo'll need to get your message in front of them in a non-salesy, non-threatening, non-pushy way so they'll see your value and want to do business with you. You'll learn how to...
  • Build a database of potential clients who need, can use, can afford, and are looking for the solutions you have to offer
  • ​Use a very detailed "Competitive Intelligence Report" to identify the opportunities in your clients business that will enable you to craft a message that makes it irresistible... in fact, practically compels your prospects to see you as the only option they truly have
  • ​Get your message in front of that market in the most effective, and cost-efficient way possible
  • ​Convert your hot leads into buying clients using a proven system that closes 3 or 4 out of every 5 presentations you make
This module is the most detailed, and most complete client-generating systems in operation, and one of the most fun sessions. Get effective with the simple processes you'll learn here and you'll have all the clients you can handle.
Knowing exactly what your clients need... where they're losing money, and where they're not capitalizing on opportunities is costing them unnecessary profits. Here is where so many consultants fall short. You can't sell someone what YOU think they need. You need specifics... you need data.... you need to know exactly what they need so you can craft the solutions that will produce the fastest and best results possible. You'll learn how to use the 50-page "Confidential Business Audit" to identify the...
  • Problems and/or challenges that can be overcome and that will put money in their pocket
  • ​Areas of inefficiency that slows down progress and wastes money
  • ​Opportunities that they're not capitalizing on and that are costing them unnecessary profits
  • ​Fastest, easiest ways to generate quick windfalls of profits and steady and ongoing streams of recurring income
Far too many consultants try to "fix" their clients businesses based on what THEY think the business needs. The smart consultant completes a detailed Confidential Business Audit that identifies exactly what needs to be done to turn the business around.
How to charge for your consulting services can be a sensitive subject. No one likes to pay more than they have to, and you certainly don't want to charge less than your time and services are worth. You're going to learn several pricing strategies and which one ones work best for the markets you are targeting.
  • Flat retainer fee
  • Accelerated retainer   
  • Decreasing retainer 
  • ​Retainer plus contingency
  •  Success fee  
  •  One-time fee
  • Equity position
  • Licensing  
  • Joint Venture / Strategic Alliance 
  • Partnerships
  • Franchising
  • Board Positions
Different clients, different projects, and different situations call for different measures. Getting the right pricing strategy in place makes it not only beneficial for the client, but profitable for you... and when everyone is happy and benefiting, things run much smoother and business is more fun!
Once you have determined what needs to be done to help your client achieve the goals and objectives you have agreed to, it's time to get to work and put some effective strategies into action. But where do you start? What do you do? Those are great questions and we've made it easy for you. Using our $30,000 library of manuals, internet files and resources, you're going to learn how to...
  • Find solutions to virtually any business problem your client can have
  • ​Implement strategies that will solve their biggest problems, challenges, and roadblocks
  • ​Assign accountability for each strategy to ensure that it is implemented correctly
  • ​Monitor and measure results to make sure that each strategy continues to produce the desired outcomes
When you have the right systems in place, getting results for your clients is not only easy, it's fun. And when your client sees the improvement you're getting for them in their business, it reinforces their decision to bring you on board.
One of the goals for successful consultants is to get your business to the point where marketing is no longer necessary... your clients come to you by referral or "introduction" from your existing clients. When you get your business running in this manner, you will be working with better, more qualified, and more fun clients. You're going to discover how to...
  • Get your clients dependent on you so you become a valuable and indispensable part of their team
  • ​Make getting client introductions and testimonials a part of our contract so they are required, automatic, and you don't have to ask for them
  • ​Build equity in your clients businesses so you become a "partner" with a valuable asset to sell at a later date
Whatever you do, don't overlook this valuable part of the business like so many consultants do. This one module alone can make you a fortune!
Some consultants love working in one-on-one consulting arrangements with their clients, and they do very well in those situations. Other consultants enjoy working with small groups in seminars, workshops, or other special events. And some consultants do a combination of small group events and private consulting. In any case, there is a lot of money to be made with each of these. Yo're going to learn how to conduct...
  • Private consulting sessiongs
  •  Small group seminars and workshops
  •  Executive Roundtables
  •  4-Week Workshops
  • Lunch 'n Learns
  •  Build-It, Keep-It, Grow-It Seminars
  •  VIP Days
  •  Half-Day Consults
One of the beauties of the consulting business is that you don't have to be married to just one thing. The more options you have, the more value you can provide your marketplace, the more interesting your business (and life) will be, and the more money you can take home for yourself and family to provide the lifestyle of your choosing.
All the information, all the manuals, all the systems and the training in the world won't do you any good if you have a question or need support but don't know where to turn. And that's just one of the things that makes this program so different than anything else on the market. We want you to be in business for yourself, but not left alone to try and overcome difficult situations by yourself. That's why we provide world-class post-training support and follow-up. When you have a question, a need, or just need someone to talk to, you have direct access to a live person either by phone, email, Skype, Zoom, or through our member's forum. Among other things, your support package includes...
  • ​A private member's only forum where you can ask other consultants for help or ideas
  • ​Periodic mailings of additional helps, aids, forms, templates, scripts, letters, and ideas
  • ​One-on-one phone consultations with Martin to report on your progress and get additional help
  • ​Assistance with hard-to-close clients, or clients that are too large or difficult for you to handle on your own
Your success is very important to us. It's the proven and verifiable successes of those who have gone before you that give our program the credibility and worldwide acclaim that has made us thrive in a very competitive marketplace for so many years, and that allows us to grow at a pace that we're comfortable with.
See What a Handful of Others Have to Say...
Our files are filled with success stories of people who have found the help they need and are busy creating  lives of their choosing... lives that they can live on their own terms without compromise, apology, or regret. These people are clearly in charge and in control of their destinies and as such, are making valuable contributions to the people they touch.

As you read and listen to what they have to say, think about your own situation, what your personal or business goals are, and if there is something you can draw from these people and their experiences and how your life would be different if you did what they did.
Jeremiah Cundiff - 2:00 AM
Brian Kaskavalciyan - After Training
Brian Kaskavalciyan - After Move
Matt Connelly - After 90 Days
Tom Flint - During Training
CB Schottland - After 60 Days
Caryn Swartzentruber - After Training
Jenny - Follow Up After Training

"Notes From Every Conversation"

" Martin is a man of integrity who actually cares about his clients and consultants and is always ready to impart great wisdom.
I walk away with notes from every conversation. He is the consummate teacher always willing to help and inspire you to be your best."

- Marlene Green

"3 Deals On the Line This Week"

"I met with my accountant yesterday. He has multiple clients in mind for me to speak with. One of my clients gave me 3 referrals and wants to make the connections with me. I have 3 deals on the line this week, and interest from a 4th. 3 of the 4 deals came from referral sources."
- John Pryor

"Martin is the 'Masters Master'"

"I was already the author of 2 business books, but Martin changed the model for my business with practical advice and materials which will increase my income by at least $50,000 this year and 10 times that in the years to come. Martin truly is the 'Masters Master' when it comes to business strategy and marketing."
- Chris Hanlon

"The Real Thing"

I implemented Martin’s step-by-step program with my clients, and more than 25,000 people have gone through my weight loss system and my book is number one in Switzerland. "I recommend Martin’s training very, very much. He is the real thing."  
Leonardo Habegger

"Proven Ideas That Work"

"When it comes to growing my business and getting proven ideas that work, I call and depend on Martin Howey. Not only have I’ve trained with Martin to become a business consultant but he’s has also been very helpful with idea’s in my other businesses. I highly recommend him!"
Sukuma Avery

"A Top Consultant In My Area'"

“Where to begin….Martin is a wonderful, insightful and talented business owner and consultant as well as a great trainer. With TopLine Business Solutions Martin has helped me learn what I need to do to become a top business consultant in my area. I would recommend Martin to anyone looking to become a business consultant.”
- Regina Drury  
One of the most often asked questions by new consultants is, "I'm brand new. I haven't worked with any clients. How can I establish my credibility and convince my prospects that I can help them?"

It's a fair question, and one that is easily answered... especially with the special bonus tools and resources that will unquestionably position you as an authoritative expert who can produce the results that your prospects and clients want and need.

Some of the things you'll be getting include...
  • A ghost-written book ready for you to put your name on and use as is, or to personalize with some of your own material
  • Special Reports already written and ready for you to personalize and start using to generate clients
  • Business Process Blueprint: A 34" x 18" guide that shows you step-by-step exactly what to do and in what order to keep you on track and get maximum results
  •   Business Optimization Calculator: This proprietary tool will show your prospects and clients exactly how much of an improvement making a few small changes in a handful of areas of their business can make 
  •   Business Development Calculators: More than a dozen ready-to-use calculators that can help your and your clients businesses operate at optimum efficiencies
You're going to be absolutely blown away with all the information, tools, resources, scripts, forms, and training you'll be getting as add-on bonuses. It is our goal to help you become as successful as possible, as quickly as possible... and we leave no stone unturned in getting you there.
Martin Howey's business successes are legendary and are known by business executives around the world.

In his more than 52 years as a Marketing Expert and Business Development Consultant, Martin has worked with some of the world's largest and most successful companies, corporations, associations, and organizations, delivering practical, real-world, readily-implementable ideas and strategies that have enabled his clients to operate more effectively and efficiently, and increase their bottom line profits. His strategies and methodologies have been responsible for more than $10.7 Billion in sales and revenues for his clients.

Martin has started, run, and sold several six and seven-figure companies, and recently started a company from scratch and took it to a Certified Valuation of more than $12.4 million in 6 1/2 months.

Martin has trained thousands of consultants in more than 5-dozen countries around the word, and is considered to be one of the world's most respected and knowledgeable business consultants. Entrepreneur Magazine called Martin, "America's Premier Business Problem Solver."

A former Recon Marine and 4-time Stage IV cancer survivor, Martin is in demand as a speaker to groups and individuals, and works with cancer organizations helping them promote Awareness, Detection, and Prevention, and the power of a positive attitude, mindset, and visualization in dealing with and overcoming adversity.
  • ​Married to Cheryl for 47+ years
  • ​Father of 7 Children
  • ​Grandfather of 34 grandchildren
  • ​Great Grandfather of 2
  • ​Former USMC Recon
  • ​4-time Stage IV cancer survivor
  • ​Author of 29 books on business & personal development
  • ​On-call consultant to Fortune 100 and 500 companies
  • ​World-class triathlete & cycling champion
“The Most Thorough, Tightly Focused, and Insightful Blueprints
For Performance in Any Economy”
“I have completed a 4-day strategic business development workshop with Martin that delivered the most thorough, tightly focused, and insightful blueprints for performance in any economy. His content and strategies are timeless, and can be applied in any economy locally, nationally, or globally.   

His industry insights and strategic discussions, provided me with actionable next steps to help and serve any business interested in applying new approaches to today’s challenges through the thoughtful and well considered methods and performance measures that he teaches.   

You owe it to yourself to explore and connect with Martin’s expert training and his professional curriculum delivery. It is a pleasure to consider Martin a business associate and mentor. "  

Miguel de Jesus 
“Martin is the Guy I Go To When I Need the Right Solution Immediately”  
“Martin is the guy I go to when I need the right solution immediately. He has a wealth of knowledge in so many areas and I can say that I would not enjoy near the success I enjoy today without his counsel. Martin was recommended to me by a man I have known and trusted for years and the reasons are clear. I am better off as a result of working with Martin and, perhaps even better so are my clients.”  

Steve Clauson
“Martin is the Most Intelligent, Strategic and Inventive Person I Know”
Martin Howey is quite honestly the sharpest business professional I have worked with in my 20 plus year career. He constantly challenges me to think outside the box, yet he supports my decisions and strategies. He values my opinion, but also pushes me to be the best I can possibly be. I owe much of my career to whatever he saw in me in my early years. Martin is the most intelligent, strategic and inventive person I know. Give him a challenge and he will sort through numerous strategies and articulate the best approach in a clear and easily executable manner. I would love the opportunity to work with him again!”  

Jody Gouge 
“Martin Will… Change Your Life for the Better”
“There are few individuals that I give recommendations to. However, when it comes to Martin I have no hesitation in strongly advising you that, if you are lucky enough to be in the presence of this man and learn from him, it will change your life for the better. There are few on the planet that have his Integrity and ability.”  

Ian Marsh  
“Martin Is Someone I’d Turn To In An Instant For
Advice Example, or Experience”
“The consulting and advisory world is filled with untested experts, self-appointed gurus, and internally-anointed geniuses. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and consult with a few of the “real-deal”, real-world experts in business. Martin is one of those people.  

He’s a man of immense capability, a rare talent, and an example of integrity in action. Martin lives and breathes what he teaches and preaches and is a living example of what’s possible in life and in business when a mind is rightly-focused and actions are clearly directed.   

Martin bridges the gap between theory and reality, words and action, plans and execution. He’s someone I’d turn to in an instant for advice, example, or experience; in fact, I already have. He’s a “been there, done that” kind of guy. Martin’s on my “A” team.”  

Spike Humer
“Martin Is The Smartest Man I Know"
“Martin is the smartest man I know.

I met Martin when he reached out to me to discuss some marketing ideas (that's the business I'm in). What I discovered is that Martin is the man with the Midas Touch when it comes to growing your business! 

Martin has shared with me idea after idea that has lead to additional take-home money over and over again. 

If you ever get the chance to work with Martin, get consulting with Martin, or attend any of his higher end training classes, you must not let that opportunity slip away. What he share will change your financial future!"

Pete Mitchel
“Martin is the Trainer of Trainers in the Consulting Field”
“I decided on Topline and Martin after almost 6 months of research because Martin is the trainer of trainers in the consulting field. It has been years since training and I still think of the value the training has provided for me and my family. Martin, I owe you many thanks and want to let you know I’m still trying to use everything you taught me. My clients have made millions because of what you have passed on to me. Keep up the generous execution of your passion it is helping many more than you know!"   
Troy Authement 
“Martin Has a Knack For Making Complex Things Seem Simple”  
“Martin is one the best consulting coaches out there. He has a knack for making complex things seem simple and is an inexhaustible source of positive energy.  They say perpetual engine does not exist. They’re wrong: It is called Martin Howey.   

Martin is a coach and a doer. His advice is practical and to the point. Pick his brain, it will make a difference in your business, as it did in mine.”   

Alex Makarski  
“What Separates Martin From Nearly Almost All Others
Is That He Has Walked His Talk.”
“Martin simply knows how to get results for any business and has an amazing ability to teach others how to do the same.  What separates Martin from nearly almost all others is that he has walked his talk. He has run successful companies as well as consulted Fortune 500 and 100 companies from all industries.   

Martin offers, uses and teaches proven strategies and techniques that work to increase the bottom line profits of any company.   I have known Martin since 2007. He has been the one man I know I can turn to when I need an honest answer, opinion and to set me on the right course for my business or for one of my clients.   

Martin truly over delivers in all he does and makes it a point that his clients and students reach their goals. He is the most hands on, personable and reachable expert out there. He loves what he does and it shows in his passion to help as many people and businesses he can.
If he offers to help, take it.

If you have an opportunity to learn from him, grab it.
If he offers to grow your business, sign him up.
If he offers to be a friend, you will have a friend for life.”

Larry Pacheco 
“One of the Best Investment Returns I've Had in
My 40 Years in Business
"It's tough to say something about Martin’s over the top level of excellence, service, and business expertise that has not already been covered countless times over the last five decades.

A couple of years ago I found myself needing a career change that would fit my past role as an executive and pay me just as well for my time. In the search for a non-franchise opportunity to run my own business growth advising company, I was introduced to TopLine business systems. Even with 40 years of being a successful entrepreneur, Martin’s TopLine training program and after service support blew my highest expectations right out of the water. 

Our company hit the magical six-figure annual revenue goal but not without some speed bumps. The miracle here is that where most programs just let you fizzle out, Martin stayed with us through the whole process, including a couple of false starts because of my failure to trust and follow the systems he provided us with.  

As long as we did the work, he promised to make sure we’d succeed. Once we started using the training, as taught, we were off to the races. We are on track to be near the mid-six figures this year and have every expectation to see that seven-figure annual revenue in the following year. 

If you are looking for your own company to help other businesses get to their next level and get paid well, you need to schedule a Discovery Call today with Martin. One of the best investment returns I’ve had in all my years. Thanks, Martin! "

Mark Anderson
“There’s No Way I Would Have Enjoyed the Success
That I Have In Business If It Weren’t For Martin”
“Martin Howey is one of nicest and smartest people on the planet when it comes to building businesses. He’s been there and done it so many times and he’s wonderfully generous in sharing his knowledge and expertise. He’ s taught me so much over the years and there’s no way I would have enjoyed the success that I have in business if it weren’t for him.” 

Nigel Botterill 
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